know more about mie~

a simple girl tht lik to hav many frens... hate betrayer n useless frens... sumtime she is playful.. sumtime she is serious.. she need lotz of love..! she wil try her very best to not make ppl hate her.. <3


10th aug already..~

last post was thinking when i will study..~
this post was..~
i will b further study soon..~
the buddy goin to separate in physically..~
not in heart ofcourse..~

i get offer from umskal for international finance..~
my parent allow me to further up..~
so nice..~
darling oso support..~
i am happy to get this course..~
my further start to light up..
although its not very bright..~
the journey goin start on 5th sept 2010...

sumtime when i thk but goin so far i feel sad..~
but i stil excited bout it..~
time past fast.~
next week will b my last week of working at MQ Management..~
i will start enjoy n enjoy b4 goin sabah..~

my holiday plan works..~
tht is PENANG makan trip..~
coz my parent wanna bring me thr..~
wif darling ofcoz..~
friend jiu...~
not sure yet..~
big big smile.. (3

my thing had prepare til 5566 jor..~
now need pray hard for ptptn loan successfully get oni..~
then i wont burden my parent..~
*really pray hard i can get..*

tik tik tik..~
time past faster as ussually i hope to..~
coz working was so tiring..
i go office not to work..
but to play games...~ >_<
i thk vr fast will come to 5th sept...
the most heavy hearted day comes..~
will b update bout university preparation soon..

rushing to go sleep..~
gudnitez..~ (3


Time dont wait for human..~

tick tick tick..~
time fly really fast..
middle of the july already..~

the day always rush rush rush goin end..
i really hope i can go for trip..~
praying hard i can go..~
i wish to go trip wif my darling n friends...~

so long dint blog really dun noe wat to post..~ >_<

everybody turn 20th very fast...~
charm charm..
getting old n old...
i hope my life will b a good life...

my darling still very concern about me,..
he still so busy lik normal..
but he nvr 4get me..~
coz we r important to each other..

wish all the couple r sweet as well..~
i lik to c ppl sweet-ing wif their couple..
no jealous...
coz my darling is super duper sweet wif me too..~

when will i starrt study again..? >_<
a tough question...~
when ar..?

to be continue..~


~The Day of May~

the month tht having many baby birthday...~
include ME..~
this year birthday is nice..
my darling celebrate wif me...
n oso FRIENDs..~

11 MAY 2011...
we went n eat western food..~
i get 2 necklace..
1 from my darling...
another 1 from Lap Sap group..~
love it..~

12 MAY 2011..
the second day..!
the 3rd n 4th present arrived..~
love the present too..~
he gav me the thg i mention..~
so gud..
but make me so shy...
thanks again for da water proof camera n spoon & chopstick set..~

13 MAY 2011...
3rd day..~
my convent preety bestie gav me supprise..
tot was celebrate yun chin bday..
end up i gt supprise..!
they silently put the present at my car door thr...
love it too..~
is a red angry bird n a lil chick..~
my sis lover...
but too bad is mine..
the chick is the 1 i lost it last 2 year...
so the present is meaningfull...~

many ppl wish me...!
i would lik to thanks all of U...
but i dun wan mention..
coz i scared less mention... ^x^
no matter late o early i will still accept..

not 4getable...
11 May 2011 is oso i togather wif darling 20 month d..~
so happy..~
i am happy to b taurus baby..~

lets bac to normal...
mum n dad went penang wif fren on fri..
3 of us stay at home...

14 May wasnt a gud day for me..~
at nite after dinner...
me n sam went setia alam..
end up my car die after i get parking...~

so sad.. but nvm..
elly com rescue us...
so scared...~

ltr on we change car n go for movie..
Fast Furious 5..
love the movie...
the car was so yeng...~
The Rock now was so FIT edi...~
nice movie..

k lar..
blank mind...
will b update sooner o later..~



so long din post blog edi..
since my darling work n earn money..
i jiu come post post blog lar...

after STPM jiu busy busy busy..!
then jiu take result..!
counted not bad result i got..
i nvr regret of taking the result..~

time flies~
many friends bcome a group of besties..~
we always hang out..

we go many places..
enjoying a lotz..!

talk bout me n my darling lar..
i feel talk bout it....
my darling so strong wan..
even he lost ''sumthing''..
but he stil busy earn money...
bcoz he wan to full fill me words..!
tht is ''he EARN i SPEND..~
so nice wan....
but this few days i keep throw temper to him..
but i felt he had change alot..
he change to a better man..!
he nvr throw bac temper lik last time...
he will silently hug me..
comfort me...!
few days bac...
i dunnoe y, i juz cry out....
he comfort me wif his warmest hug..
I LIKE THE WAY HE HUG & ^*^ me..!

but today i feel so jealous..!
i go pasar malam alone..~
when i c couples i feel so jealous..!

ytd darling giv me many many kisses..
coz 5days no meet..
so he giv me earlier..
how sweet..!

and and and..~
i start working jor..
the job not bad...
i quite love it..
my salary i oni take less than 20%...
other go to my parents..
is lik tht wan lar..

this week whole week working..
but bcoz of money..
need to do so lar..!

i cant wait next week to come..!
1st, ofcoz wanna meet my darling..!
2nd, hang out wif my ''the so called buddies'' ladies keluar..!
so nice...
time fly fly fly..~

need to go sleep d..



i feel so weird..
many thing happen juz lik a blink...

oni in a weeks...!
the ''prince'' chat wif me through fb..
he stil so gud..
we remain so gud..
but i oni can treat him lik a bro to me..
his concern oni can b a bro concern...
coz i am happy n dun wan thk so much..
i cnt live in dreamland..!
bcoz i got a lovely darling...

the scary person appear again in fb...
he added me..
n i dunnoe how to avoid..
so i juz add him...
i really scared to let him noe everything go on bout me..
i dunnoe my decision is rite or wrong..
but nvm...
at last i choose not to let him b my friend nemore..
bcoz he hurt me deeply...!

i got my darling to protect me...!!
my darling is an iron man..!!!

i am mad at my darling..
but he involve in accident today...
i am worry bout him...
i feel so guilty..
coz he involve in accident bcoz of me..!!!
so sad...
he dun wan me worry...
so he did'nt inform me early..
but luckily i msg him..
he told me...!
i dump my frens..
since guilty...
i bring him go c doc..
late nite go kacau the bone doc...
then go home wipe blood..
reclean his wound..!
b his maid..
but i am happy for it..
ofcoz he love me too..!!!
he always b responsible on his daily thg..
he care bout my hunger..
he care everything bout me..!
when i saw his wound..
i really feel hurt too..!!!
bcoz of me..!
he injured badly...
luckily he got me.!
i help him & he help me...
whenever we face problem...
i hope we can continue need each other for the rest of our life..!


sleeping time..